Revisiting A Dying Place!

Plant 1  Plant 2  Plant 1

Aren’t these pics beautiful? God taught me a very valuable lesson while caring for this plant. I love it when He teaches me things thru everyday items we see. A student gave me this plant at the end of the last college semester. When she gave it to me, it was much like you see it now, but only a smaller version. The flowers were in full bloom and it was beautiful.

Then, the flowers started to wither and die and some of the leaves started to die as well. I almost threw it out because I thought it would eventually die completely. At the last minute, I decided to try to revive it. I pruned the dead leaves and flowers and put it on my breakfast table, which is surrounded by windows. I also began to give it water.

Slowly, but surely I saw life come back to this plant. It seemed to respond very well to the sunlight and water. I am soo happy I decided to give it a chance.

Here’s my lesson: I started to throw this plant out because I didn’t have a vision for it. I saw the dead flowers and leaves and immediately gave up on it!! I believe the Holy Spirit prompted me to keep it because I needed to learn a lesson.

Sometimes in life we give up on people and dreams because they appear “dead” or “dying” to us. We don’t have a vision for what can become because we are too focused on the “dead” aspect of a person or situation.

If that is you, go back and revisit the situation and work with it. Maybe that thing needs to be moved to a different location where it can receive life-giving sunlight. Maybe it needs nourishment. Hang in there. Work with that dream or person. Give it sunlight. Give it nourishment. Maybe, just maybe, you will see life come back into that thing. He that has ears, let him hear!!!!

Love You,

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