How Do You Define Success??

Success Defined

As I was driving to work the other day, I was noticing several luxury cars being driven by people headed in the same direction. I wondered to myself about how people define success. Some people measure success by how many square feet their home has. Some people measure success by the type of car they drive. Still other’s measure success by how many degrees they have amassed. Still there are others that measure success by the amount of money in their bank accounts. The Bible has a clear message about how we should measure success.

In first Samuel 16, we read the story of God anointing David to be King. God gave Samuel specific instructions about where to go to find the next King. He instructed him to visit Jesse’s house, for one of his sons would be King. When Samuel went to Jesse’s home he initially saw one of Jesse’s other sons, Eliab and automatically assumed that because Eliab was mighty in stature, God was going to make Eliab king! How wrong Samuel was!

Eventually, all of Jesse’s sons stood before Samuel, with the exception of one! Each time a son stood before Samuel, he told Jesse that the particular son standing before him was not whom God had chosen. After seven of Jesse’s son’s had passed before Samuel, He asked Jesse did he have any others. Jesse replied that his youngest son was in the back tending sheep. Samuel summoned for them to get David and bring him to the house.

The Bible says that David was pale looking guy, who was not especially attractive! However, when Samuel saw David, he immediately knew that this was the one that God had anointed to be King!

Back in verse 7 of 1st Samuel, God told Samuel that, “ The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

 As people, we have been conditioned to look at material possessions and accomplishments as an indication of how successful a person is. Some of us have even been conditioned to view success thru the lens of clothes, physical attributes, such as hair, weight, height, facial features, and such.

I am so thankful God gives us the antidote on how we should measure success. Success should be measured by the condition of the heart. Discovering the condition of one’s heart requires us to look deeper, not with human eyes but with spiritual eyes. It requires us to understand the “spirit” of a person.

This, in turn, requires us to develop our “spiritual” sense! This can only be developed by allowing God’s word to be our source in measuring EVERYTHING in our lives. Everything must pass thru the lens of the word of God. Only then can we begin to look, not on the outward appearance, but as God does, we can begin to look at the condition of the heart in order to define success!


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Life’s Tapestry

Tapestry of Life

Life requires adjusting, tweaking, and evolving. How many of us have a life tapestry that looks exactly how we envisioned it would look as children? For most of us our lives today are but a mere shadow of what we envisioned. For most of us, we have had to learn how to triumph thru adversity, rejection, and disappointments. Somehow when we were children, we couldn’t know that those threads of life would also be applied to our tapestry to make a magnificent masterpiece.

God, in His infinite wisdom knows what each of us requires in order to bring out the most qualified and beautiful tapestry called “Our Lives!” The older I get, the more I realize that God doesn’t waste one situation, one disappointment, or one challenge. He uses every piece of our lives to form our personal tapestry. Sometimes the things we face in life will cause us to throw our hands up and ask, “Why?” Just know, my friend that God is there the entire time, cheering us along; telling us we can make it; encouraging us to hang on. 

The singer, songwriter, Larnelle Harris has a song entitled, “In it After All.” Some of the words are;

So You were in it after all. All of those moments I spent crying

When something inside of me was dying I didn’t know that You

heard me Each time I called. You had a reason for those trials,

It seems I grew stronger every mile Now I know You were in it after all 

We’re always ready Lord to take the glory, But we’re seldom

willing to endure the pain You were with me when the sun was

shining, And You were still beside me when it rained 

So You were in it after all Taking the blows that I’d been given,

Mending the wounds that needed mending, I didn’t know that

You heard me each time I called I guess it’s easy now to see it,

I don’t know how I could have missed it Jesus, But You were in it after all.”

 The Lord placed this on my heart this morning, and I believe for someone else out there as well. Hang in there, God loves you! Remember, we all have a beautiful tapestry that is constantly taking shape. It is called our life!


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Everything in life requires effort. Effort is defined as the use of physical or mental energy to do something; exertion. A difficult exertion of the strength or will; a usually earnest attempt. Something done or produced through exertion; an achievement.

What got me thinking about effort, is friendship. Friendship takes the willingness of both parties putting forth the effort to make the relationship work. It’s going to require a little something “extra” on each person’s part. It may mean stopping what you are doing for a minute to pick up the phone, OR taking the time to jot a simple sentence on an email to say hi, OR responding to someone who reaches out to you! Yes, friendship takes effort on BOTH parts!

Effort is an amazing attribute given to us by God! It takes effort to even breathe. Sometimes we think breathing is effortless because we have done it so long we don’t realize all that it takes for our bodies to produce the mechanics of breathing.

I don’t believe that anything in life is effortless. I believe we can get to a place where things seem effortless because we have done them so long until we have developed the necessary “muscles” to make it seem like it is done without effort. I believe God wants us to develop our faith in such a way that it begins to seem effortless to us.

Thank you God for this revelation!

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Every Species


Every other species of life is rich because of the differences and uniqueness of each of the members in that species. As humans we admire different types and colors of flowers and plants. Each different flower and plant comes with it, its own unique way of living and thriving in the earth. Some flowers and plants thrive better indoors while others need sunlight and the outdoors. The same holds true for different types of animals. We humans LOVE our dogs! Some people own more than one dog. As much as I know, I have never seen dogs that were absolutely identical. Each dog has been blessed with that one spot or color, or disposition that makes it uniquely, them!

 How sad it is that as humans we can appreciate the differences that exist in every other species of life EXCEPT the differences that exist in our own. There are STILL groups of people who tout themselves as being superior to other people simply due to skin color, body size, cultural nuances, or even hair texture. These systems of thinking have become so engrained in our daily living, they are institutionalized!

 I heard on the news the other day that the divide between the have and have-nots is the biggest it has ever been. It seems that as a people, our wallets are getting fatter, but our minds are becoming so closed that light is hard-pressed to find an entrance.

 Here is the cold, hard truth: If we as a people don’t find a way to start to admire, appreciate, and accept the differences that exist in our own species, I’m afraid we are going to experience an irreversible mental, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional darkness. All types of butterflies are beautiful. All types of flowers are beautiful. All types of birds are beautiful. All types of trees are beautiful. Nature is beautiful. We are a part of God’s handiwork in this world.



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Small Blessings!


Recently, on my way to work I stopped at our local Walmart to buy some pre-cut watermelon. I had such a huge craving for some and wanted to make it my breakfast, even though it was almost 11:00am in the morning.

I went into Walmart and immediately went towards the fruit section. I saw a couple of smaller packages of pre-cut watermelon, but I wanted a larger one. I eventually saw a rather large package containing neatly cut watermelon squares.

I guess my brain started talking to my mouth because it immediately perched itself, anticipating the watermelon. It was the only large package of watermelon on the shelf, so I carefully examined it to see the expiration date. It had not expired. I looked to see if there was any evidence of decay . . . no, none visible. There were other large packages of pre-cut fruit on the shelf and the prices for those were between $6.58 and $7.58 dollars.

I surmised that the watermelon package I wanted would probably cost in this range. “Did I want to pay this much for a package of watermelon?” I thought to myself. I decided my desire to have this watermelon was worth the splurge.

I got the package of watermelon and proceeded to the self-checkout register. When I rang up the item, the screen read “$1.00.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked at the package again and then looked at the screen again to make sure I was reading it correctly . . . . . yes I was reading it correctly, $1.00! I quickly paid for my purchase and headed off to work.

When I reached my office, I closed the door and immediately opened the watermelon to taste it. It was some of the sweetest watermelon I have tasted in a long while. As I sat there savoring every bite, I looked at my receipt and it stated, “You saved $6.58 this purchase.” The original price of the watermelon was $7.58 and I only paid $1.00! To make it more wonderful, I had managed to get the last large package of watermelon on the shelf that day.

Thank you God for granting me this one reminder that you are concerned about the minutest details of my life, even when I think no one else in the world is. Thank you for loving me enough to supply my one simple need to enjoy some watermelon on a hot summer day.

Luke 12: 24-26 24 Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls? 25 And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit? 26 If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?

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Passing the Test!


We can’t ask God to put us back in 6th grade because 7th grade seems too hard! There is no going back! You are finish with the 6th grade!

The reason why we finished the 7th grade is because we successfully passed all the lessons of the 6th grade! The same way God equipped us to complete the 6th grade, is the system He uses for us to successfully pass all the lessons of the 7th grade! 

  • Listen to the teacher.
  • Take good notes.
  • Study your notes and your textbook! (The Bible)
  • Minimize distractions! (Important)
  • Get proper nourishment and sleep before the final test!
  • Let go of fear and nervousness!
  • Come prepared to take your final exam.

The same holds true for this faith journey. Once we pass one challenge or test, we will move  to the next lesson. We are always taught the lesson before we are faced with the final exam on a particular subject.

Just as we need to use the tools mentioned above to pass a classroom test, God uses these tools to teach us how to successfully pass the tests He gives.

His ultimate purpose is to mature us spiritually.

Ephesians 4:15 states,

15  “God wants us to grow up, to know the whole truth and tell it in love – like Christ in everything. We take our lead from Christ, who is the source of everything we do.” 

Follow the path to successfully test taking and you will pass with flying colors!!!!!!

Remember, there is no going back!!


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One Life Touches Another


Rocking Chair

My family and I live somewhat in the country, surrounded by, cows, deer, and goats about ½ mile from our home.

Often when we’ve traveled down one of the country roads we’ve encountered a kindly old man who perched his chair on his front lawn and waved to passing cars. The man looked to be around 80 or 90 years old. If the day was sunny and the weather was agreeable, you could expect to see him faithfully waving to passing cars, sitting in his familiar chair.

Since moving into this neighborhood, I would purposefully look for this kindly old man whenever we traveled down this country road. He reminded me of a time when people took the time to speak to their neighbors even if they didn’t know them.

Recently, my son and I had the occasion to travel down this county road once again, and to our surprise, there was an empty chair on the lawn and a big sign posted on the chair which read, “We’ll Miss You Jackie.” Next to the chair was a bouquet of flowers.

My heart immediately felt a sense of sadness because I never realized till that moment how this kindly old man’s life had touched mine. I felt a sense of sadness because even though I had not discovered his name until that day, I feel as if he has always been my friend.

I began to cry because I was reminded how this kindly old man made me pause and enjoy a simple moment in time. For that one moment I saw nothing but goodness in the world. I forgot about the cars racing to pass me or the impolite motorists who thought I was driving too slow.

This kindly old man made me appreciate life and the ability to make a difference regardless of the age. My prayer is that I too can take the lesson he has taught me and touch someone else’s life!


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