Three Simple Words!

Free Hugs

The importance of saying “I Love You.”

I grew up in a family where the words, “I love you,” were not something we heard on a consistent basis. Like many people in my parents’ generation, love was expressed in many non-verbal ways. Food on the table, electricity, a warm bed, and shoes and clothing were most often the sign that we were loved as children. I remember when I graduated from high school, my mom went to hug me and I felt so awkward because we just didn’t hug in my family!

Now that I am a wife and parent, I have learned down thru the years the affirming power of those three little words. The Bible has countless examples of love in operation. To me, the word “Love” says that I matter to someone, that I am worth the effort, that I have value. God created us to give as well as receive Love.

I have a friend on Facebook that tells her children  that she loves them daily. That is so precious. It is so important to TELL the people we love that we do indeed love them. Nothing can replace those words flowing thru our ear gate. They can soothe the most despondent heart and lift the countenance of a sad face.

My husband and I tell each other several times a day that we love each other. We tell our son on a consistent basis that we love him. That phrase NEVER gets old. Who, in your life needs to hear those words right now? Please let them know. Tomorrow is not promised. Let’s all get in the habit of saying, “I LOVE YOU!”

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Settle It!

Settle It

There is something powerful to the words, “It is finished!” Once you settle something, there is no going back to the way things were before. Jesus uttered these words on the cross when He completed the assignment His father, God, had given Him.

The same thing goes for our faith. We have to SETTLE within ourselves, that either God’s word is truth OR it’s a lie. In this case, it’s ALL or NOTHING. Either we are going to trust Him or we are not, it’s just that simple!!

We have to realize that the settling of our faith in His promises is not predicated on what our physical eyes see, or what the circumstances appear to be in our lives right now!

Jesus said in Matthew 24:25 and again in Luke 21:33, that heaven and earth would cease to be BEFORE one ounce of His words would fail!

God means what He says!!! He doesn’t stutter!!!

As Christians, our ONLY response should be, Yes, Lord I believe!!!!!

Settle that thing today! Stand firm on God’s promises! Refuse to be moved or shaken! Begin to look with your SPIRITUAL eyes and NOT with your natural eyes!

Be Encouraged today!


Love Ya!


Preparation is Not Wasted Time!



:to make (someone or something) ready for some activity, purpose, use, etc.

:to make yourself ready for something that you will be doing, something that you expect to happen, etc.

:to make or create (something) so that it is ready for use

 The Bible says in Psalms 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. It also says in verse 5, You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

I thought about when I prepare a table for dinner or for a special gathering. I don’t call my guest to the table until I have finished dressing the table and putting the necessary food items on it. Lots of times when we are waiting on God for the manifestation of a request, we become anxious and impatient. We want to sit at the table NOW! God says he is preparing a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Preparation, by its very name involves time to plan and set the right situations in place.

 As we wait on God to complete preparations for us, continue to thank him for the wonderful table of abundance we will soon partake of!

 “Until He opens that door, praise Him in the hallway!” He will call you to the “table” soon!


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Our Uncomfortableness!

Person Sweating

Sometimes when we experience challenges, we immediately tell God, “I don’t like the way this feels, God!” It’s uncomfortable! Yet, this is the very place that He has designed for us to be.

If we understand that we are on assignment, we know that we are in a situation to learn something or to impart something to someone. Our uncomfortableness is there by design. When our assignment is done, He will move us on to the next task at hand. Hang in there and know that it’s working together for our good. God doesn’t waste any part of our experiences here. They are meant to bless us or be a blessing to someone else!

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What is a Thought?

Question Marks

What is a thought but a picture captured in the past
And frozen in time, waiting for someone
To come along and dig it out of a deep freeze.
What is a thought but an event played out in
Our imagination over and over again, looking for a way
To escape into our reality.
Thoughts represent the best of us.
Thoughts represent the worst of us.
Each one searching for a place in our present existence.
Thoughts become the fabric that makes each of us unique,
They become the tools by which we carve out our livelihood.
They become the mirror that reflects the person we truly are.
Leslie Brooks

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Revisiting A Dying Place!

Plant 1  Plant 2  Plant 1

Aren’t these pics beautiful? God taught me a very valuable lesson while caring for this plant. I love it when He teaches me things thru everyday items we see. A student gave me this plant at the end of the last college semester. When she gave it to me, it was much like you see it now, but only a smaller version. The flowers were in full bloom and it was beautiful.

Then, the flowers started to wither and die and some of the leaves started to die as well. I almost threw it out because I thought it would eventually die completely. At the last minute, I decided to try to revive it. I pruned the dead leaves and flowers and put it on my breakfast table, which is surrounded by windows. I also began to give it water.

Slowly, but surely I saw life come back to this plant. It seemed to respond very well to the sunlight and water. I am soo happy I decided to give it a chance.

Here’s my lesson: I started to throw this plant out because I didn’t have a vision for it. I saw the dead flowers and leaves and immediately gave up on it!! I believe the Holy Spirit prompted me to keep it because I needed to learn a lesson.

Sometimes in life we give up on people and dreams because they appear “dead” or “dying” to us. We don’t have a vision for what can become because we are too focused on the “dead” aspect of a person or situation.

If that is you, go back and revisit the situation and work with it. Maybe that thing needs to be moved to a different location where it can receive life-giving sunlight. Maybe it needs nourishment. Hang in there. Work with that dream or person. Give it sunlight. Give it nourishment. Maybe, just maybe, you will see life come back into that thing. He that has ears, let him hear!!!!

Love You,

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The Assignment


I was recently talking with my husband in the wee hours of the morning and a thought occurred to me. A lot of us have achieved some level of academic, professional, and personal success. We applaud ourselves at having achieved that advanced degree and wholeheartedly put those letters behind our names whenever we have the opportunity to do so. Like our counterparts, we bask in having achieved such greatness.

However, as Christians, we need to understand that any level of greatness we have achieved is not about us. As a set-apart, peculiar people on this earth we need to understand we are ALWAYS on assignment. The Christian that sweeps the streets is there on assignment. The Christian hair stylist that does hair is on assignment. The Christian that has achieved greatness in corporate America or in academia is there on assignment. My former Pastor once preached a sermon where he talked about not only ministering to the “down and outs”, but also the “up and outs.”

You see, God allows us to get the necessary tools (degrees, certifications, etc) we need to meet the needs of the people that He has assigned to us. For some of us, that may mean working in maintenance or agriculture or manufacturing. For others, that may mean having access to the top board rooms of major companies. For others, it may mean having access to students in a classroom.

At any rate, understand this, as Christians, we are ALL on assignment. No assignment is greater or less than the other. God had placed us in this earth to make a difference in people’s lives. We are to affect change in the down and outs, as well as the up and outs!
Deuteronomy 8:18 puts it best – “Remember the LORD your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant He confirmed to your ancestors with an oath.”

I Peter 2:9 – But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

Be encouraged today and take your “assignment” seriously!



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