Begin Again!

Rock Begin Again

I know I can begin again but I don’t know where to start

Lord speak to my heart

I know I can realize my dreams but fear wants to grab a hold

It has to let go

Only God can help me move beyond my fears

Only God can heal the wounded child within

So I trust that He will lead me to the place

Where my soul can find the strength to run this race

Copyright 2018 – 2019 Leslie Eaddy-Brooks | All Rights Reserved | Created by Leslie Eaddy-Brooks


What is a Thought?


What is a thought but a picture captured in the past
And frozen in time, waiting for someone
To come along and dig it out of a deep freeze.
What is a thought but an event played out in
Our imagination over and over again, looking for a way
To escape into our reality.
Thoughts represent the best of us.
Thoughts represent the worst of us.
Each one searching for a place in our present existence.
Thoughts become the fabric that make each of us unique,
They become the tools by which we carve out our livelihood.
They become the mirror that reflects the person we truly are.

Leslie Brooks

Copyright 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Created by Leslie Eaddy-Brooks