Nothing Wasted

Trash Can

Recently, I was reflecting on the scripture found in John 9:1-12. Jesus and his disciples were walking along a road when they came upon a man who was blind from birth. The disciples asked Jesus if the man had sinned or his parents had sinned to cause this type of impairment. Jesus replied, neither this man NOR his parents had sinned. He was blind from birth so that at that moment in time, the works of God might be displayed in him. Jesus then made some mud in the dirt and put in on the man’s eyes. He then directed the man to go and wash the mud from his eyes and afterwards the man was able to see.

This man had suffered with an affliction his entire life, up until this point so that the manifestation of God’s mighty power could be visible to all who did not believe in Jesus at THAT moment in time.

In my current position, I get the opportunity to advise Freshman and Sophomore students who have not declared a major. After mid-term point, I get a huge influx of students who may be failing a class. I offer tutoring information, advise, but mainly I listen to their reasons for not doing well in a particular course or courses. Recently, I met with a number of students who were having a difficult time making the transition from high school to college.

I tell them all the time, “With freedom, comes responsibility.” Most have not found the balance between academics and socialization. Some don’t have good time management skills. Still others stay up late and then miss a lot of their early classes because they “sleep in” due to being tired. A lot of students are dealing with other outside forces that draw their attention away from being able to concentrate on their academics. Some are first-generation college students while others need to work to support themselves during college because they don’t have a support system at home.

I found myself being able to share some of my story with them of my college years. In a lot of cases, I went thru some of the same experiences they are experiencing now. As I was reflecting on this, the thought came to me that God doesn’t waste ANY of our life experiences, Sometimes we feel that life has been so unfair to us. We wonder why we have to go thru some things in our lives. A still small voice whispered to me, “I DON’T WASTE ANYTHING THAT YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED. I USE IT ALL!

Just like the blind man in the scripture, neither he nor his parents did anything wrong. He was born blind for the sole purpose that this man might be a witness of God’s power to others. At the appropriate time, he was given his sight.

This may be hard to digest why God would intentionally allow someone to go thru something like this for no apparent reason. The older I become the more I have come to trust and reverence God’s way. Romans declares that “All things work together for my good. ALL means ALL. The good, the bad, the ugly, the inconvenient; ALL OF IT! I encourage you to trust God’s way and trust God’s timing!





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