Faith vs. Sight


There are some days when all you can do is quiet your spirit and know that God is working things out for your good! You, in your physical world, don’t see the way, but you have to trust that God has already established the way! 

What’s my alternative? Cave in? Quit? If I quit, what do I quit to? If I cave in, what do I cave in to? There is no other option for me but to trust God.

I can’t fall back on mommy or daddy because both are in heaven with God. I can’t fall back on earthly riches because I don’t have any.

The pastor of Elevation Church once stated, “The opposite of faith is not fear, the opposite of faith is sight!!!” That makes sense, because the Bible says that we walk by faith and not by sight!!!

Lord help me to close off my physical sight and continue to operate by my spiritual sight, which is faith!


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