Three Simple Words!

Free Hugs

The importance of saying “I Love You.”

I grew up in a family where the words, “I love you,” were not something we heard on a consistent basis. Like many people in my parents’ generation, love was expressed in many non-verbal ways. Food on the table, electricity, a warm bed, and shoes and clothing were most often the sign that we were loved as children. I remember when I graduated from high school, my mom went to hug me and I felt so awkward because we just didn’t hug in my family!

Now that I am a wife and parent, I have learned down thru the years the affirming power of those three little words. The Bible has countless examples of love in operation. To me, the word “Love” says that I matter to someone, that I am worth the effort, that I have value. God created us to give as well as receive Love.

I have a friend on Facebook that tells her children  that she loves them daily. That is so precious. It is so important to TELL the people we love that we do indeed love them. Nothing can replace those words flowing thru our ear gate. They can soothe the most despondent heart and lift the countenance of a sad face.

My husband and I tell each other several times a day that we love each other. We tell our son on a consistent basis that we love him. That phrase NEVER gets old. Who, in your life needs to hear those words right now? Please let them know. Tomorrow is not promised. Let’s all get in the habit of saying, “I LOVE YOU!”

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