Settle It!

Settle It

There is something powerful to the words, “It is finished!” Once you settle something, there is no going back to the way things were before. Jesus uttered these words on the cross when He completed the assignment His father, God, had given Him.

The same thing goes for our faith. We have to SETTLE within ourselves, that either God’s word is truth OR it’s a lie. In this case, it’s ALL or NOTHING. Either we are going to trust Him or we are not, it’s just that simple!!

We have to realize that the settling of our faith in His promises is not predicated on what our physical eyes see, or what the circumstances appear to be in our lives right now!

Jesus said in Matthew 24:25 and again in Luke 21:33, that heaven and earth would cease to be BEFORE one ounce of His words would fail!

God means what He says!!! He doesn’t stutter!!!

As Christians, our ONLY response should be, Yes, Lord I believe!!!!!

Settle that thing today! Stand firm on God’s promises! Refuse to be moved or shaken! Begin to look with your SPIRITUAL eyes and NOT with your natural eyes!

Be Encouraged today!


Love Ya!


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