Life’s Tapestry

Tapestry of Life

Life requires adjusting, tweaking, and evolving. How many of us have a life tapestry that looks exactly how we envisioned it would look as children? For most of us our lives today are but a mere shadow of what we envisioned. For most of us, we have had to learn how to triumph thru adversity, rejection, and disappointments. Somehow when we were children, we couldn’t know that those threads of life would also be applied to our tapestry to make a magnificent masterpiece.

God, in His infinite wisdom knows what each of us requires in order to bring out the most qualified and beautiful tapestry called “Our Lives!” The older I get, the more I realize that God doesn’t waste one situation, one disappointment, or one challenge. He uses every piece of our lives to form our personal tapestry. Sometimes the things we face in life will cause us to throw our hands up and ask, “Why?” Just know, my friend that God is there the entire time, cheering us along; telling us we can make it; encouraging us to hang on. 

The singer, songwriter, Larnelle Harris has a song entitled, “In it After All.” Some of the words are;

So You were in it after all. All of those moments I spent crying

When something inside of me was dying I didn’t know that You

heard me Each time I called. You had a reason for those trials,

It seems I grew stronger every mile Now I know You were in it after all 

We’re always ready Lord to take the glory, But we’re seldom

willing to endure the pain You were with me when the sun was

shining, And You were still beside me when it rained 

So You were in it after all Taking the blows that I’d been given,

Mending the wounds that needed mending, I didn’t know that

You heard me each time I called I guess it’s easy now to see it,

I don’t know how I could have missed it Jesus, But You were in it after all.”

 The Lord placed this on my heart this morning, and I believe for someone else out there as well. Hang in there, God loves you! Remember, we all have a beautiful tapestry that is constantly taking shape. It is called our life!


Copyright 2018 – 2019 Leslie Eaddy-Brooks | All Rights Reserved | Created by Leslie Eaddy-Brooks

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