Everything in life requires effort. Effort is defined as the use of physical or mental energy to do something; exertion. A difficult exertion of the strength or will; a usually earnest attempt. Something done or produced through exertion; an achievement.

What got me thinking about effort, is friendship. Friendship takes the willingness of both parties putting forth the effort to make the relationship work. It’s going to require a little something “extra” on each person’s part. It may mean stopping what you are doing for a minute to pick up the phone, OR taking the time to jot a simple sentence on an email to say hi, OR responding to someone who reaches out to you! Yes, friendship takes effort on BOTH parts!

Effort is an amazing attribute given to us by God! It takes effort to even breathe. Sometimes we think breathing is effortless because we have done it so long we don’t realize all that it takes for our bodies to produce the mechanics of breathing.

I don’t believe that anything in life is effortless. I believe we can get to a place where things seem effortless because we have done them so long until we have developed the necessary “muscles” to make it seem like it is done without effort. I believe God wants us to develop our faith in such a way that it begins to seem effortless to us.

Thank you God for this revelation!

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