Every Species


Every other species of life is rich because of the differences and uniqueness of each of the members in that species. As humans we admire different types and colors of flowers and plants. Each different flower and plant comes with it, its own unique way of living and thriving in the earth. Some flowers and plants thrive better indoors while others need sunlight and the outdoors. The same holds true for different types of animals. We humans LOVE our dogs! Some people own more than one dog. As much as I know, I have never seen dogs that were absolutely identical. Each dog has been blessed with that one spot or color, or disposition that makes it uniquely, them!

 How sad it is that as humans we can appreciate the differences that exist in every other species of life EXCEPT the differences that exist in our own. There are STILL groups of people who tout themselves as being superior to other people simply due to skin color, body size, cultural nuances, or even hair texture. These systems of thinking have become so engrained in our daily living, they are institutionalized!

 I heard on the news the other day that the divide between the have and have-nots is the biggest it has ever been. It seems that as a people, our wallets are getting fatter, but our minds are becoming so closed that light is hard-pressed to find an entrance.

 Here is the cold, hard truth: If we as a people don’t find a way to start to admire, appreciate, and accept the differences that exist in our own species, I’m afraid we are going to experience an irreversible mental, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional darkness. All types of butterflies are beautiful. All types of flowers are beautiful. All types of birds are beautiful. All types of trees are beautiful. Nature is beautiful. We are a part of God’s handiwork in this world.



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