One Life Touches Another


Rocking Chair

My family and I live somewhat in the country, surrounded by, cows, deer, and goats about ½ mile from our home.

Often when we’ve traveled down one of the country roads we’ve encountered a kindly old man who perched his chair on his front lawn and waved to passing cars. The man looked to be around 80 or 90 years old. If the day was sunny and the weather was agreeable, you could expect to see him faithfully waving to passing cars, sitting in his familiar chair.

Since moving into this neighborhood, I would purposefully look for this kindly old man whenever we traveled down this country road. He reminded me of a time when people took the time to speak to their neighbors even if they didn’t know them.

Recently, my son and I had the occasion to travel down this county road once again, and to our surprise, there was an empty chair on the lawn and a big sign posted on the chair which read, “We’ll Miss You Jackie.” Next to the chair was a bouquet of flowers.

My heart immediately felt a sense of sadness because I never realized till that moment how this kindly old man’s life had touched mine. I felt a sense of sadness because even though I had not discovered his name until that day, I feel as if he has always been my friend.

I began to cry because I was reminded how this kindly old man made me pause and enjoy a simple moment in time. For that one moment I saw nothing but goodness in the world. I forgot about the cars racing to pass me or the impolite motorists who thought I was driving too slow.

This kindly old man made me appreciate life and the ability to make a difference regardless of the age. My prayer is that I too can take the lesson he has taught me and touch someone else’s life!


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