Those Pesky Weeds!


What kind of seeds have we planted in our gardens down thru the years? For some of those seeds, we need to pray to God for crop failure on them! If watered and nurtured long enough, those seeds we planted YEARS ago will eventually start to grow.

 They will start to grow like weeds! One thing about weeds, you can cut them off above ground, but in order to truly get rid of them, you have to dig deep and remove the root!

 Another thing about weeds, they don’t need a lot of water and nutrients to grow, and once they start growing, they spread their seeds to other parts of your beautiful garden!

 No matter how many other beautiful plants you put in your garden, you will always have to contend with those weeds . . .UNTIL you pluck them out by the roots!!!

 I wonder, how many of us have weeds growing in our beautiful garden of life and no matter how many beautiful flowers or good deeds we try to plant or do, somehow they eventually get overrun by those IRRITATING weeds!

 First things first! Deal with the weeds and ONLY then will you have your beautiful garden called life!!

 He that has a discerning ear, let him hear!

 Love you.

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